Bridge to 10k – B210k

b210kThe B210k programme is the follow up to the award winning couch-to-5k running method designed to get even the unfittest of us off the couch and running 5k (3.1 miles) with a super easy to follow plan. The amazing success of this original 7 week scheme simply following a steady run/walk programme has resulted in over 100,000 people in completing the c25k and running 5k without stopping, slowing down or walking. As a consequence of this runaway success many people now wish to continue onto 10K & beyond This bridge to 10k (b210K) training regime is designed just to do exactly that.

Like with the c25k the B210K programme sticks with the run/walk philosophy building the distance and time up slowly over a seven weeks ensuring that the runner quickly and successfully migrates from 5k to 10k.

Whilst b210k is not a fool-proof programme (hey what is!) its proved track record and online forum and support means that if you have followed the c25k or not and want to bridge that gap from 5k to 10k then its just about as good as you can get.

Make sure you take time to check out the iPhone and Android apps to the left of this page. These fantastic (and very cheap) apps can be download in a matter of moments and will make either the c25k or B210K programmes a breeze.  With simple easy to follow perfectly clear visual and audible instructions will ensure that you complete your runs on time and with ease. Thanks for dropping by and good luck.

  • Easy to follow It’s a no brainer – simple run and walk programme
  • It works Over 100,000 people cant be wrong can they ?
  • Full support system A support forum to help you succeed
  • Build Strength Endurance running strengthens and shapes your legs
  • Lose weight An average person burns over 700 calories every run
  • Get the app The apps are the real secret to successget yours today
  • Its for everyone Running is simple – no costly gym membership.. Just do it!

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